IFP School wins 3rd place in the 21st French Student Cup

May 2, 2014

Seven students from IFP School secured 3rd place in the 21st French Student Cup after the final regatta which took place on 29 and 30 March 2014, with crews sailing from Granville to Jersey.

For this final round of the competition, the students defended the colors of IFP School and their partner Perenco aboard a First Class 10. Crew members were:

- Guillaume Hervé (ENM)
- Romain Girard (DEG)
- Médéric Moisson de Vaux (DEG)
- Thibault Monier (ENM)
- Charles-Etienne Pauchon (ENM)
- Marc-Antoine Roche (DEG)
- Quentin Sustrac (DEG).

The crew set off from Granville and sailed along the Jersey coastline to Saint Helier where a fish and chips super awaited them at the Yacht Club. They returned the next day sailing via the Chausey islands, where they had to battle against strong, swirling currents.

At the end of the weekend, the "IFP School" boat ranked 6th out of the 15 participating crews. Thanks to their excellent results in the two previous races at Marseilles and at la Trinité-sur-Mer, the IFP School were present on the podium for the overall ranking of the French Students Cup. Bravo to our sailors!