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    • Paolo Paron and Philippe Pierre, program supervisors at IFP School in the field of Powertrains and sustainable mobility, will be present, with some students from the new promotion, on 4 October at the Mondial de l'Auto on the SIA's MonJob@FuturAuto stand.

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    Car race performance for IFP School graduate David Hauser

    April 11, 2017

    Once again, David Hauser (Powertrain Engineering 2016) has distinguished himself through his car racing performance. Behind the wheel of his Dallara GP2/08, he won the championship at the end of the uphill racing season in Luxemburg with three races and breaking a new record.

    With his team he is planning on engaging in a new project: endurance.

    In addition: a news release (in French) explaining about his choice and ambitions for this season and a few pictures showing David Hauser and a student from the Powertrain Engineering program (class of 2017) Mélanie Marcon, also part of the team.



      HAUSER Spa Mars 2017

    HAUSER Chambley 03-03-2017  2

    HAUSER Chambley 03-03-2017  1 LMP3