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    • Olivier Massol, Scientific Assistant to the Director of IFP School, and Omer Rifaat, a graduate of the Master of Energy and Markets (class of 2015), have just co-authored the article "Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model", published in the scientific journal Resource and Energy Economics.

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    For diploma verification requests, please contact: verif@ifpen.fr


    The School is structured as follows:

    • Management and Administration,
    • 4 Centers representing the technical skills specific to the various programs in 4 areas:

          - Georesources and Energy;
          - Energy Processes;
          - Sustainable Mobility;
          - Energy Economics and Management.

     Management and Administration
    • Management
    Christine Travers
    Dean of IFP School
       Catherine Charlier
    Christophe Favre
    Secretary General
    Jean-Christophe Flèche
    Director for Development
       Ghislaine Fillion
    Marketing coordinator
    Alain Auriault
    Director of studies
    Gilles Azencott
    Director for Apprenticeship and Admissions
       Laurence Carotenuto
    Andreas Ehinger
    Director of doctoral studies
       Anne Danre-Duclos

    Olivier Massol

    Adjoint scientifique à la Directrice de l'Ecole




    • Main Secretary's Office
    •  Technical support

    Hélène Bourg
    Student and Alumni Liaison Officer

    Stéphane Lecomte
    Management and administration

    Administrative secretariat
    Insurance, visas, certificates
    Sylvie Banet-Lecot
    Laurence Carotenuto
    Amel Korchane
    Véronique Le Falher

    Isabelle Penicaud
    Sylvie Robert

       Christophe Corlay
    Information technology manager

    Clément Cahagne
    Innovation and instructional design manager
    Patricia Curey 
    Innovation and instructional design engineer 

    Michèle Dehais
    eCampus and user support

    Information technology and technical support
    Benoît Bidoire

    Hoang Man Dang
    Pascal Gréau
    Thierry Pinson

    Library facilities
    Pascale Barbey


     Georesources and Energy
    Director: Frédérique Fournier    
    • Program supervisors
    • Academic staff
    Olivier Lerat
    Petroleum Geosciences (Geology/Geophysics)
    Carla Castillo
    Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering
    Antoine Couturier
    Développement et exploitation des gisements
    Anne Jardin
    Petroleum Data Management


    Alain Auriault
    Sylvain Boyer
    Jean-Pierre Deflandre
    Pierre-Yves Dequirez
    Éric Deville
    Karine Labat
    Claude Laffont

    Jean-Luc Mari

    Christian Pauchon
    Isabelle Rey-Fabret
    Arnaud Torres
    Jean-Marie Voirin


    • Secretary's Office

    Virginie Bernatas
    Catherine Cloarec
    Laure Dalle


     Energy Processes
    Director:  Jean-Luc Monsavoir    
    • Program supervisors
    • Academic staff
    Nathalie Houdart
    Energy and Processes
    Céline Pierre
    Processes and Polymers

    Jean-Charles de Hemptinne
    Génie des systèmes industriels

       Olivier Bernaert
    Denis Bossanne
    Perrine Babin


    • Secretary's Office
     Dominique Boisgontier
    Claudie Grévin

     Sustainable Mobility
    Director: Pierre Duret     
    • Program supervisors
    • Academic staff
    Paolo Paron
    Énergie et motorisations
    Ouafae El Ganaoui-Mourlan

    Powertrain Engineering
    Thierry Lacome
    Énergie et produits
    Philippe Pierre
    Électrification et propulsion automobile
       El Hadj Miliani
    Ludivine Pidol
    Maria Thirouard


    • Secretary's Office
     Brigitte Delage
    Marie-Laure Fraycenon
    Catherine Lefebvre-Dubin

     Energy Economics and Management
    Director: Maxime Schenckery    
    • Program supervisors
    • Academic staff
    Sébastien Bianchi
    Énergie et marchés
    Arash Farnoosh
    Petroleum Economics and Management, Executive Master of Management in Energy and Executive Master of International Oil and Gas Leadership
     Frédéric Lantz
    "Sustainable Development, Environmental and Energy Economics"
    and "Energy and Environmental Policy and Economics"

    Nadine Bret-Rouzaut

    Jean-Philippe Cueille
    Sidney Lambert-Lalitte

    Olivier Massol


    • Secretary's Office
     Marie Henry
    Claude Thirault