• Olivier Massol, Scientific Assistant to the Director of IFP School, and Omer Rifaat, a graduate of the Master of Energy and Markets (class of 2015), have just co-authored the article "Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model", published in the scientific journal Resource and Energy Economics.

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Georesources and Energy

The specialties of the faculty members of  IFP School's Center for Exploration-Production cover the whole range of  upstream petroleum professions: geologist, geophysicist, reservoir engineer, drilling engineer and production engineer. Their profiles are mixed: approximately half of the staff are from the world of research, the other half are from industry, some are from both research and industry.

In addition to the permanent staff, the Center for Exploration-Production calls upon the services of over one hundred visiting lecturers. As for the permanent staff, profiles are varied. They may have a research background and come from IFP Energies nouvelles or from French or European universities. Many have an industrial profile and are currently working in operating oil and gas companies, in service companies or in companies within the IFP Energies nouvelles group.

This mix endows the Center with a unique range of skills, from industrial know-how to  highly specialized research. 

See below for biographies of some of the faculty members and visiting lecturers currently teaching in the Center for Exploration-Production at IFP School.

Frédérique Fournier, Director of the Center for Exploration-Production

IFP School faculty members
Visiting lectures

Alain Auriault
Carla Castillo
Sylvain Boyer
Antoine Couturier
Jean-Pierre Deflandre
Pierre-Yves Déquirez
Eric Deville
Anne Jardin
Philippe Joseph
Karine Labat
Claude Laffont
Olivier Lerat
Jean-Luc Mari
Isabelle Rey-Fabret
Jean-Marie Voirin

Benoit Anquez, ExxonMobil

Claire Barroux, IFP Energies nouvelles

Anne Battani, IFP Energies nouvelles

Samir Bekri, IFP Energies nouvelles

George Bertram, Consultant

Jean-Jacques Biteau, Consultant

Marc Blaizot, Total

Matthieu Bourges, Geovariances

Marie-Christine Cacas, IFP Energies nouvelles

Bruno Caline, Total

Jean-Charles Caltero, Wellstaff

Jacqueline Camy-Peret, Consultant

Hervé Chauris, ENSMP

Jean-Claude Chermette, Consultant

Michel Courbe, Total

Pascal Debec, Total

Rémy Deschamps, IFP Energies nouvelles

Brigitte Doligez, IFP Energies nouvelles

Pierre Donnez, Consultant

Bernard Duval, Consultant

Dereak Fairhead, Getech

Cédric Fayemendy, Statoil

Frédérique Fournier, Beicip-Franlab

Patrick Gouel, Consultant

Julien Guillet-Lhermitte, Perenco

François Guillocheau, Université de Rennes 1

Youri Hamon, IFP Energies nouvelles

Alain-Yves Huc, Consultant

Piers Johnson, OPC

Isabelle Kowalewski, IFP Energies nouvelles

Violaine Lamoureux-Var, IFP Energies nouvelles

Mickaële Le Ravalec, IFP Energies nouvelles

Alain Mascle, Consultant

Francis Mediavilla, ExxonMobil

Bernard Michaud, Consultant

Étienne Moreau, Total

Fadi Nader, IFP Energies nouvelles

Mohammed Nasser, Université Al Fateh

Benoît Noetinger, IFP Energies nouvelles

Cécile Pabian-Goyheneche, Total

Jacques Petitet, Consultant

François Riff, CGG

Jean-Lou Rubino, Total

Michel Sacleux, Consultant

William Sadras, Consultant

Sakthikumar, Consultant

Luc Sandjivy, SeisQuaRe

Thomas Schaaf, Engie EP

Mike Smith, Consultant

Christine Souque, IFP Energies nouvelles

Jean-Paul Szezuka, Consultant

Olga Vizika, IFP Energies nouvelles

Johannes Wendebourg, Total

Paul Williamson, Total

Hafedh Zaghouani, CGG

Christian Zurdo, Consultant


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