• Olivier Massol, Scientific Assistant to the Director of IFP School, and Omer Rifaat, a graduate of the Master of Energy and Markets (class of 2015), have just co-authored the article "Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model", published in the scientific journal Resource and Energy Economics.

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Energy Processes

Permanent faculty members of the Center for Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas are from diverse backgrounds. They are either from industry (major oil companies), or from IFP Energies nouvelles research divisions, which enables us to develop a broad range of skills, from the most conceptuel to the most applied. One of the faculty members also holds the chair of  "Thermodynamics for biomass fuels".

In addition to the permanent staff, several consultants from major companies in the field, or from the IFP Energies nouvelles Group, make a valuable contribution to the courses, sharing their experience of industry with the students. Professors from highly reputed foreign universities also bring their expertise, particularly in the field of petrochemistry.

See below for biographies of some of the faculty members and visiting lecturers currently teaching in the Center for Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas at IFP School.

Jean-Luc Monsavoir, Director of the Center for Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas


IFP School faculty members
Visiting lectures
Gilles Azencott
Olivier Bernaert
Denis Bossanne
Jean-Charles de Hemptinne
Nathale Houdart
Jean-Luc Monsavoir
Céline Pierre

Benjamin Amblard, IFP Energies nouvelles

Frederic Augier, IFP Energies nouvelles

Thierry Baron, Total

Catherine Beal, Agroparistech

Fabien Bernos, Technip

Fabrice Betton, Technip

Jean-Pierre Bindelle, Consultant

Pierre Boniface, Technip

Philippe Bossennec, IFP Training

Pierre Boucot, Consultant

Cédric Briens, consultant

Thierry Bros, Consultant

Pascal Bruneau, IFP Training

Philippe Buch, IFP Training

Raymond Bulle, consultant

Nathalie Cabresin, Saipem

Clément Cahagne, IFP Training

Thomas Campnas, Total

Sophie Caron, Saipem

Laurent Cohen Solal, Saipem

Vincent Coupard, IFP Energies nouvelles

Pedro Da Silva, Total

Martin Decoster, Exxonmobil

Jean-Michel Delage, Technip

Marc Deux, Total

Thierry Di Rollo, Consultant

Ralf Dohrn, Bayer

Pierre Dufresne, Eurecat

Marianthi Elmaloglou, Arkema

Reinhard Ernst, Coperion

Laurent Ferrari, TOTAL

Eric Fiquet, IFP Training

Wolfgang Garcia, Total

Bruno Heinisch, Rhodia

Heiko Hornberger, Coperion

Sebastien Huchette, Axens

Mylène Lagardere, Mines de Douai

Christophe Large, IFP Training

Jean-Paul Laugier, Technip

Carole Le Mirronet, IFP Training

Jean-Pierre Limage, IFP Training

Sébastien Maufrais, Technip

Timothy Mc Kenna, Queen's University, Canada

Mathilde Mercier, IFP Training

Grégory Merlin, Total

Rémi Moniot, Technip

Philippe Palfrey, Veolia Eau

Robert Pelletier, consultant

Richard Philippe, CPE

Christophe Pierre, Axens

Eric Pollet, ECPM

Michel Pringuet, Technip

Marc Richet, Total

Alexandre Rojey, Consultant

François Ropital, IFP Energies nouvelles

Bruno Rossignol, IFP Training

Antxon Santamaria, Univ del Pais Vasco

Jérome Sarrazin, Exxonmobil

Henri Sautel, Consultant

Thierry Schuhler, Total

Jean-Marc Schweitzer, IFP Energies nouvelles

Marie-Andrée Sénégas, Total

Thierry Soto, IFP Training

Julien Stern, Exxonmobil

Antoine Surbled, Consultant

Sylvain Tafflet, Saipem

Amandine Teillet De Wit, Axens

Christian Tison, IFP Training

Nathalie Trichard, Saipem

Sylvain Vovard, Technip

Éric Zielinski, Saipem