• Olivier Massol, Scientific Assistant to the Director of IFP School, and Omer Rifaat, a graduate of the Master of Energy and Markets (class of 2015), have just co-authored the article "Phasing out the U.S. Federal Helium Reserve: Policy insights from a world helium model", published in the scientific journal Resource and Energy Economics.

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Sustainable Mobility

The Center for IC Engines and Hydrocarbon Utilizations at IFP School has a team of permanent faculty members whose skills and expertise cover the fundamentals of the automobile industry (in particular combustion, engine technology, bench tests, etc.) and associated fuels and lubricants. Professors are from mixed backgrounds – some come from research, others have significant experience in industry, some have a dual industry/research background and many also have extensive experience on the international  scene.

In addition to the permanent staff, the Center for IC Engines and Hydrocarbon Utilizations calls upon 160 visiting lecturers, some of whom are Associate Professors. One of them, from an IFP Energies nouvelles research division, holds the Chair for "Hybrid Vehicles and Energy Control". Like the permanent staff, backgrounds are varied. Some have a research background and work in IFP Energies nouvelles' research laboratories or in French or European universities. Most have an industrial background and are well-known experts in their field, still working in their respective companies: car and HVG manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, oil companies, additive suppliers, engineering companies, etc. This mix endows the Center with a unique range of skills, from industrial know-how to  highly specialized research. 

See below for biographies of some of the faculty members and visiting lecturers currently teaching in the Center for IC Engines and Hydrocarbon Utilizations at IFP School.

Pierre Duret, Director, Center for IC Engines and Hydrocarbon Utilizations


IFP School faculty membersVisiting lecturers
Pierre Duret
Ouafae El Ganaoui-Mourlan
Anne Jaecker
Thierry Lacome
Paolo Paron
Ludivine Pidol
Philippe Pierre 
Maria Thirouard
François Badin, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Rik Baert, TNO/TU Eindhoven
Guillermo Ballesteros, IFP Training
Cemil Bekdemir, TU Eindhoven
Sébastien Berthebaud, IAV
François Bénard, Total
Nathaniel Bontemps, Honeywell
Wissam Bou Nader, Groupe PSA
Jean-Paul Brunel, Faurecia
Yann Chamaillard, Polytech Orléans
Yohan Closs, Professeur Associé, Airbus
Guillaume Colin, Polytech Orléans
Pierre Daverat, Total
Perla Duchesne, Oronite
Lars Eriksson, Linköping University
Julien Faure, Renault
Dominique Faure, Total
Olivier Ferlin, Volvo Powertrain
Antonio Garcia Martinez, CMT
Alberto Gioannini, Fiat
Noureddine Guerrassi, Delphi
Stéphane Guilain, Renault
Heinz Hass, Ford
Benjamin Hindsley, Groupe PSA
Arno Huss, AVL
Peter Janssen, FEV
Nicolas Jeuland, Safran
Jean-Daniel Kehr, Groupe PSA
Jochen Kemnitz, Ducker Research
Grigoris Koltsakis, Exothermia
Roland Kirchberger, TU Graz
Vincent Knop, Cosworth
Hamid Lahjaily, Renault
William Levassor, Groupe PSA
Egbert Lox, Umicore
François Maire, Groupe PSA
Robert Meyer, BMW
Jean-Baptiste Michel, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Jerome Migaud, Mann-Hummel
Federico Millo, Politecnico di Torino
Xavier Montagne, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Céline Morin, ENSIAME
Salah Morsili, EDF
Nicolas Naudin, Bosch
Guillaume Pilla, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Nathalie Prime, ESCP-EAP
Vittorio Ravello, Fiat
Joseph Reymond, General Electric
Stéphane Rimaux, Groupe PSA
John Roesler, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Ludovic Russier, ESTACA
Sergio Savaresi, Politecnico di Milano
Etienne Schmittbiel, Volvo Powertrain
Antonio Sciarretta, IFP Energies Nouvelles
Bart Somers, TU Eindhoven
Bernard Swoboda, Groupe PSA
Yves Tourbier, Renault
Olivier Van Parys, Total
Julien Roussel, Toyota Motor Europe
Alberto Vassallo, General Motors EU
Lorianne Wysoki, Groupe PSA
Saïd Zidat, Professeur associé, Innexsys


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