To apply to an industrially-orientated program that awards an engineering degree or an IFP School national master’s degree, you must have a degree corresponding to 4 or 5 years of higher education, such as a French 'Diplôme d'ingénieur' (in 5 years), an American BSc (in 4 years), or another equivalent degree.

IFP School has signed agreements with some of the major European engineering schools and universities where it takes 5 years to obtain an engineering degree. If you are in your penultimate year in one of these schools, you can apply for admission to IFP School effective at the end of the current year. To apply, you must first obtain the prior authorization of your studies director. (List of agreements)
Students who are in their penultimate year at a French Engineering School/University linked to IFP School through a double-degree agreement, and whose School of origin requires periods abroad, can fulfill this requirement during their studies at IFP School. This is valid for some programs and under certain conditions by securing an industrial sponsorship from a company proposing one or several periods of training outside of France, and/or spending some time in a partner School/University abroad. These specific provisions will be studied on an individual case basis during the selection procedure.

Selection, which is based on your application and sometimes a personal interview, depends on the content and direction of your initial studies, your grades, your professional experience, and an assessment of your potential, motivation and personality.

Applications are on-line. They must be completed between November 15, 2018 and March 31, 2019.
We recommend that you complete your application as early as possible in order to explore the various sources of financial support available (apprenticeships, corporate sponsorships, grants / scholarships, etc.).

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* Please, for the online application, use only the following browsers:  Microsoft Internet Explorer (7 and 8 version), Mozilla Firefox (3.6 and more recent versions) and Google Chrome (7 and more recent versions).

The admissions boards at IFP School convene every year as follows:

In addition, the School organizes two extra boards:

Admission schedule

Admission schedule

Information on your application

When you complete your electronic application, you can apply for three programs at the most. Enter your choices by order of preference.

To validate your application, you must first provide the following three documents: 

Then, it is possible to upload other electronic documents (recommended), or you can send them later by post.

Your application will only be evaluated when the School receives the following documents:

If you wish to send us letters of recommendation, you can send them after completing the application to avoid delaying processing of your application.

An English test is required for applicants in English-taught programs who must certify, before the admission board, a minimum level in one of the following tests:

    TOEIC: 850
    TOEFL: 90
    IELTS: 6.5
    Cambridge: 175
    Bulats: 70

Applicants who are admitted by the board and whose English level is lower than the minimum required will have to attend intensive English courses in summer (2 or 4 weeks).

Will be exempt from the English proficiency:

The above English requirements are for the 2018 entry and are reviewed annually.

If you are unsure of meeting one of the English language exemptions, you are advised to take an official English test.

Special cases:

Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering program, in partnership with Texas A&M University: the GRE and the TOEFL are required (ETS code 7084). You must complete both applications (IFP School and Texas A&M).

Petroleum Economics and Management program, in partnership with Texas A&M University: You must complete both applications (IFP School and Texas A&M).

Please find below information on prerequisites, given by our partners:

Colorado School of Mines
Old GRE (Verbal 510, Quantitative 701, Writing 4.18) or

New GRE (Verbal 154, Quantitative 156, Writing 4.18) or
GMAT >635 (Verbal 31, Quantitative 44, Writing 4.31) and TOEFL (ib) 80,  (cb) 213, (pb) 550 or IELTS 6.

Texas A&M University
Old GRE (Verbal 510, Quatitative 701, Writing 4.18) or
New GRE (Verbal 154, Quantitative 156, Writing 4.18) and TOEFL (ib) 80, (cb) 213, (pb) 550 or IELTS 6.

Oklahoma University
GMAT >710 and TOEFL (ib) 100, (cb) 250, (pb) 600.

University of Dundee and BI Norwegian School of Management
TOEFL (ib) >80, (cb) 213, (pb) 550.

More detailed information on the web sites of those universities.