Intensive language courses

Our programs are taught in French or in English. We do everything possible to allow you to study under the best conditions. We therefore provide relevant language training before the academic year begins, through intensive language courses suited to your level.
During the selection period, we assess your command of French and/or English according to the programs you applied to, and determine the required length of the course.

Intensive French course

The courses, which use interactive training techniques, are reserved for students admitted to French-language programs. They are designed for false beginners and intermediate students. For example, beginners can acquire basic vocabulary and grammar fundamentals and develop comprehension skills, while higher level students can enrich their vocabulary and develop their spoken and written skills using more complex structures. This course also teaches scientific and technical French: students will view videos, work on articles and make presentations in their field of study.

Length: 2 weeks (starts mid-August), 4 weeks (starts beginning August) or 6 weeks (starts mid-July).

For non-French speaking students following programs in English and with adequate English skills, an optional 4-week French program may be offered, allowing them to acquire and consolidate their communication skills.

Intensive English course

This course is exclusively reserved for English-language program students with an intermediate level who require more advanced skills. The training techniques used are the same as for the French course.

Length: 2 weeks (starts mid-August) or 4 weeks (starts beginning August).